The Vault Dweller, exiled from Vault 13


Vault Dweller is the main character of Fallout One. He is referenced in NCR as The Vault Dweller and without him the plot of Fallout 2 or New Vegas would not have happened.

Biology Edit

Shady Sands Edit

He was chosen to be sent out to find a replacement water chip for Vault 13 located in South California. There the Vault Dweller met Aradesh and with him, he rescued the city mayor's daughter, Tandy. Dweller rescued her from the Khans. A brutal tribe content on destroying Dweller as he infiltrated their base with a gun. The Vault Dweller killed all of the Khans but one. With the help of a man named Ian, Dweller made it to Vault 15, a place where he thought he could get a water chip. It was ravaged by scavengers and Dweller decided to move on. After a brief problem with the Raiders, he arrived in Junktown.

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